Share your Tinkercad plan with family, friends and classmates!

You asked for it, now here it is! We officially have team accounts as part of our Bronze, Silver and Gold plans. What does this mean? More people! Many of you want to share your accounts with other family members and friends. Now you can. What about teachers and students who want to use Tinkercad in their classroom? Bam! Done.

All the members of a team will share the design storage limit. Remember that you can create an unlimited amount of designs as long as you delete the old ones to keep under the limit. Over the next few weeks we’ll release more features aimed at teams working together. Let us know what you think!

Tinkercad Team


  1. Hello. I am new it tinkercad but already enchanted by the democracy of design you enable.

    I would like to use your script API. Is there a plan to offer lower than silver plan targeted at individual hobbyist who do not operate as part of a team ?

    Thanks again and kudus for this tool ,



    • Hi Ariel,

      Thank you! This is a great question. We have something in the works that we’re planning on launching soon. I’d love to chat with you by phone about your thoughts on this more. Can I give you a call? If so, please email me directly:


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