• Just found this thanks to Wired.com, it’s awesome and congrats!! I too came up against the triangle limit once I tried to import an STL. Look forward to seeing this increase? What are you guys planning to be the new limit???

      • I just had my first chance to do a few simple test
        This allows me to create booleaned objects which
        is a HUGE improvement.
        by making objects and then saving them as a stl, I can
        import them in as complete primitives.
        I will be putting together sopme groups when i get the time in the
        next few days.
        #primitive tags will be how I put together groups
        of objects of a related type.
        for example
        #primitive people parts
        #primitive tubes and elbows
        #primitive domes and sliced hollow balls
        #primitive bricks
        #primitive architectural elements stone
        #primitive architectural elements wood
        #primitive trees and shrubs
        you get the idea!

      • This is as the expression goes “a game changer”
        the possibilities are infinitely increased.

    • Hey Perry. Looking forward to your primitives. Under which name or group can they be found here in Tinkercad? Many thanks.

  1. I’m loving this new feature. I downloaded Inkscape, created a SVG file with a Old English R, and imported it in less than a minute. Just that fast I had a signet ring. This expands the tool box substantially!!

  2. You Can Now Import 3D STL Files into Tinkercad : Let The 3D Modifications and Mash-Ups Begin…

    Tinkecad has been turning up the awesome dial on their WebGL browser based 3D modeling application over the past year but they just made it even better with the ability to import 3D STL files….  This will make it SUPER easy to customize an exis…

  3. This changes everything. No seriously everything.

    Two things. One, you guys could have made this a premium feature, charged money for it, and made so much money (just gotta rub salt in that one). Two, you should run a decimate function on incoming STLs until they’re the poly count you want instead of trying to increase your poly count.

  4. My kudos to all of Tinkercad for this great feature.

    This makes it very easy to amend, modify, customize, or personalize existing and also more complex STL files from other sources e.g. by adding a name.

    Many thanks!

  5. Totally loving (and using!) the new functionality, but the 25K triangle limit is definitely a problem for a lot of the files I’m working with. They seem to typically be around 45K, fwiw.

  6. I’m seeing artifacts in imported STL’s that are not in the original. Little facets hanging off here and there, not too much trouble to clean off. I just found one, though, where a big rectangular cavity appears in the middle of the imported object, but only after it’s grouped with some other objects! Definitely nothing there before the grouping.

  7. This is the best update ever… and I’m flattered you used my nautilus shell for Project Shellter in your image!

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