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    New feature: Smart duplicate

    Published on - August 8, 2012 by shinotanaka

    Tips & Tricks

    What's new from the developer's desk? Read on to learn all about our latest feature.

    Creating patterns or shapes with repeating structures can be, well, repetitive if you have to do it manually. The Duplicate shortcut key in Tinkercad has a feature called “smart duplication” that can help you avoid this tedious work.

    “Smart duplicate” is like a short-term memory that knows what you just did and will repeat it for any new duplications. For example, let’s take this coin and make a 6 x 6 grid:

    Press the Cmd+D / Ctrl+D shortcut key to duplicate the coin and move it backwards a bit. Then press the duplicate shortcut key again, and a third copy appears with the same offset. Press the shortcut key three more times and you have six coins at regular intervals:

    Now we have one column of coins. Creating the other columns works just the same. Select the six coins, press the Duplicate shortcut key, move the new objects to the right, and then press Duplicate again a couple of times until you have enough coins:

    Smart duplication also understands rotation, so you can use it to create spiraling shapes:

    Is that enough "wow" to get you through Wednesday? We sure hope so! As always, let us know what you think.

    Tinkercad Team