Upgraded feature: Mirroring

Not too long ago, we released a new feature: mirroring. This morning, we’re happy to announce a bit of an upgrade to the tool. You now have an alternate way to mirror shapes when you want to flip ’em, but keep ’em in one place!

When shapes are selected, the little “Menu” button appears in the corner of the selection. Previously this button would take you into the Align tool, but now it opens a menu:

The Mirror tool is simple. Three arrows show the possible directions for mirroring, and when you move the mouse over one of the arrows, you get a preview of where the objects will end up:

The tool stays open (as long as you don’t select something else or click the X button in the corner), so you can do several mirrorings in one shot:

And just for fun, we also updated the Alignment tool so it remains open after you’ve aligned something.

Tinkercad Team


  1. Thank you!! I was struggling with mirroring something yesterday and keeping it the same size/angle. Plus the Alignment change is also very welcome, so I can center things in two directions!

  2. I am very happy to see this feature.
    When first trying to mirror using the resize method
    it was frustrating but using the rulers it was still possible
    (which was very welcome addition in spite of the frustration)
    This is a big timesaver. If i want to mirror something now I can duplicate
    and mirror it very easilly.
    this makes modeling bilateral figures half the work (roughly)
    Once my webgl laptop gets back online I will have to play with this for sure!!!
    (sadly my only webgl device is a netbook which has some issues)

    • We hope your laptop is up and running again!

      Yup, mirroring is super cool and another one of those asks we’ve been wanting to get to for awhile now! What’s next…? Stay tuned!

  3. Next wanted feature on my side is the ability to freeze grouped blocks — saved as is, can’t be ungrouped, with the intent of saving huge rendering time that is a burden for any realistic enough design. Will be a benefit even if/when processing power on your cloud is multiply by something big…

    • Denis, this is a great idea, but as you know, a tough one to solve. We’ve been thinking of how to make this easier for folks. We’ll share this with the Editor Team as it has definitely come up before =)

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