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    Upgraded feature: Mirroring

    Published on - August 2, 2012 by shinotanaka

    Tips & Tricks

    Not too long ago, we released a new feature: mirroring. This morning, we're happy to announce a bit of an upgrade to the tool. You now have an alternate way to mirror shapes when you want to flip 'em, but keep 'em in one place!

    When shapes are selected, the little “Menu” button appears in the corner of the selection. Previously this button would take you into the Align tool, but now it opens a menu:

    The Mirror tool is simple. Three arrows show the possible directions for mirroring, and when you move the mouse over one of the arrows, you get a preview of where the objects will end up:

    The tool stays open (as long as you don’t select something else or click the X button in the corner), so you can do several mirrorings in one shot:

    And just for fun, we also updated the Alignment tool so it remains open after you've aligned something.

    Tinkercad Team