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    Monday morning brings new feature: Alignment tool

    Published on - July 16, 2012 by shinotanaka

    Tips & Tricks

    This past week one of our newest developers, Pauli, worked his magic with the editor by building us a brand new feature: alignment. While Pauli has been knee-deep in Tinkercad's To-Do list, he was able to come up for air to share with you how this fantastic new feature functions. Take a read then give it go!

    Hi, Pauli here! I’ve been working on an align tool this week and we just deployed it this morning, so I wanted to tell you more about it. Let us know what you think!

    Here’s how it works…

    • When you have multiple objects selected, a little menu button appears in the corner of the selection frame:

    • Click on the menu button to enter Align mode. In this mode, a group of lines and controls appear around the selection:

    • When you move a mouse over a line, it is activated. A preview of the alignment is shown using “ghost copies” of the selected objects:

    • It’s a bit trickier to show the aligment in the Z dimension, because we don’t want to have the grid lines obscuring the selection. Currently it looks like this — you get a preview of the alignment plane in red: