Updates to the Shortcuts Page

A few weeks ago, we announced our Workplane Shortcuts video, and now we’ve updated that page with a text version of all the shortcuts. Check it out here or by clicking on “Helpful Links” on the right hand side of the page.

Tinkercad Team


  1. Great ! I’ll print it and keep it handy till i remember them.
    The pictures are a very nice touch.
    Ones I didn’t know about which are going to be a huge help:
    Ctrl D duplicate in place. (thanks It will improve my workflow lots)
    Ctrl up down (thanks!!!)

    keep up the great work!!

  2. omg this is awesome, I just found it. Stuff like this should go on a dedicated page for documentation, along with the User Manual you’re working on 😉 It’s too important and too hard to find, buried in a blog entry like this.

    • Thanks! There are links to this on the right hand side of our blog under “Helpful Links.” We do plan to put it in a more prominent spot, though, so thanks for the reminder =)

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