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    Summertime brings MAJOR updates to the Editor

    Published on - July 6, 2012 by shinotanaka

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    Many of you celebrated the Fourth of July this week, but for those of you who didn't, well, that's OK because we've made some updates to the site that are sure to set you on fire!

    It's all about the inches, baby! That's right! The long awaited (and best!) unit of measurement is now available...INCHES! Just toggle between the two units in the lower left corner of your workplane and, voila! Youz gotz inches! Can you tell we're excited about it?! What's that? You want a 1/64th numerical readout? But of course...

    Our URLs have just gotten purrtier! Small change, but important as it makes stuff so much easier to find! Here's an example of a member's URL and one of a design.

    And finally, locking. It's been on our "To Do" list for some time now, and we're happy to say that you can now lock an object into place. Oh, yes. Yes, you can

    Locked objects can still be selected, but they have a slightly different treatment so you can differentiate them from other stuff. Plus, we added some high-speed keyboard shortcuts to go along with this new feature:

    Cmd+L Lock
    Cmd+A Select All
    Cmd+D Duplicate in Place

    The locked item is highlighted in purple.

    As usual, we look forward to your feedback!
    Tinkercad Team