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    Summer Project: Family patio

    Published on - June 26, 2012 by shinotanaka


    There really isn't a way to convey how our hearts feel when we see Tinkercad designers build REALLY. COOL. STUFF. It's a moment in time when we take pause, giggle and realize how much we love what we do. THIS is what it's all about, and we never grow weary of watching the Tinkercad community learn, grow and utilize our tool in so many different ways.

    Ole Olmanson is one such Tinkercad designer who recently caught our attention. He began working on his patio design not too long ago and before we knew it...voila! He had actually BUILT it. Ole was kind enough to take the time and share with us the story behind his why he wanted to build a beautiful patio. Here it is along with some fantastic pics from Ole.

    "Five years ago, my young family bought a house. We used to love eating outside at our old place, but didn't have furniture or patio to do that in the new house. My wife and I talked for years about what we wanted and started saving. Last fall I laid the stone for the patio with the plan to build the pergola, table, benches, bar, steps and deck in the spring.

    Over the winter I found Tinkercad and started messing around with simple designs for a different project I have going on. I really liked the simplicity of the interface, but I also loved the fact that it was web based and I could work on projects anywhere, plus I didn't need a powerful computer to use it.

    After getting the hang of the program, I decided I'd try to design part of the patio. I did the pergola first, then the table and benches, then the rest. It took me about a month. It was great because I was able to consult with my wife and have her visualize it before we even bought the lumber. Any changes she had could be made in minutes and we could see the results instantly.

    I really liked the simplicity of the interface, but I also loved the fact that it was web based and I could work on projects anywhere...

    I designed everything to scale 1mm = 1 inch so when it came time to go to the lumber yard, I knew exactly how much I would need. I'm proud to report that I only had a fraction of one board left over. I think the most imoprtant feature was the ability to see how everything looked in relation to the available space. I was worried that the table would be too big, but after designing it and putting it in place it turned out to fit perfectly. Another feature I used a lot was copy and paste which made it really easy to experiment. I could make changes to a copy of the table to compare two designs."

    The end result of Ole's work?

    WOW!! Next project? BBQ time!

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