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    60's tech meets 2012 innovation, a special surprise & TCT Magazine Top 20

    Published on - June 18, 2012 by shinotanaka


    This Father's Day, Tinkercad user Sam reminded us of how much it warms our hearts when kids show their love and appreciation for their parents. While Sam isn't exactly a "kid" anymore, he did create the winning design in our recent i.materalise Father's Day Challenge.

    Sam's father, Mr. David McCulloch, volunteers at the XM655 Maintenance & Preservation Society where they recently celebrated an annual event called "Wings and Wheels." Clearly, Mr. McCulloch has a love for the Vulcan and aviation, so it was fitting that Sam designed a Father's Day gift themed around both.

    Sam's original design (seen above) was printed in prime gray by i.materalise and then quickly shipped to him as we wanted to ensure it arrived before Father's Day.

    The end result? A happy Mr. McCulloch with a sweet looking Vulcan, which he ended up painting himself. 1960 tech, meet 2012 innovation!

    Sam, we look forward to more awesome designs from you. Mr. McCulloch, ummmm, how can we get a ride in that Vulcan? The big one, of course! ;)

    But wait! There's more goodness.

    In case you missed out on the Father's Day Challenge, we encourage YOU to get your dad or special someone in your life involved with 3D design and printing. To give you more incentive, the folks over at i.materialise graciously extended their promo code good until 31, August 2012. You can print in all materials except So design something now and get to it before it ends and use promo code Tinkercad_dad2012 when you checkout at the i.materialise store.

    Congratulations TCT Magazine! They are celebrating 20 years of reporting on rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and 3D printing. TCT also released their Top 20 most influential people in these respective spaces. We are honored and proud to see Tinkercad CEO and Co-Founder on the list amongst other amazing thought-leaders.

    Happy Monday!
    Tinkercad Team

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