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    New Features: Embed and .SVG (beta)

    Published on - June 5, 2012 by shinotanaka

    Tips & Tricks, Features, Inspiration

    Admittedly, we are a little behind in updating you all on new features, fun stuff and 3D goodness because we moved into a new office. You can read and see more here. But don't let the fab IKEA furniture and cool toys fool you. The team continued working hard on a few new features and in spite of having no desks they managed to push out some neat stuff.

    EMBED. You have to see it to fully appreciate it. Thanks to a few of our early adopters, we were able to see it deployed and working properly. Here's Mostly Matthew who was our first official user to implement the embed feature (thanks, Matthew!). Then we found a great post on Agustin's blog with his cute designs in all their glory! MakerBot was the first official use of our new feature viewable in their blog post in their Capture Your Town Initiative.

    Any public design can be embedded. Simply click the "Embed" button near the share links and select your size. Note there's the ability to include the Edit 3D button, or not.

    .SVG (BETA).We haven't actually tried it, yet, so if someone wants to test it out with a laser cut machine, rad! Email us with the results! Basically, the .SVG file is created by slicing all the shapes at 3mm and above the default workplane storing the intersection in the .SVG file. You can access the file type by clicking on the "Print 3D" button.

    Tinkercad Team