Friday Roundup

So the story begins… This past weekend we attended the Bay Area Maker Faire where we captured an Editor’s Choice Award for the second year in a row. What a great feeling! But this was icing on the cake for us as the real fun (and win!) was meeting all of our fantastic fans. Some were the lucky recipients of our limited quantity robot tee while others came to hang out at our booth and chat it up with the likes of Kai, Pauliina, Henrik, Pekka and Shino.

We also had the pleasure of meeting several movers and shakers in the maker community. It is really something else to see all of the cool tech and great people who are making it all happen. We felt so honored and humbled to take part in such a great event!

Of course, we can’t forget the moment that made it all come together for us. Read more about Adam’s rescue when he learned that his go-kart was missing a nut. This is exactly what the Maker Faire is all about, and it was a true testament to how far we’ve come in the world of manufacturing.

Enough talking. Enjoy the pics!

A cool sketch of Kai at the Hardware Innovation Workshop by @glowascii

NEW FEATURES. Yesterday we announced the release of two really big features: the ruler and .STL color export. If you use Shapeways or i.materialise, you can now export your designs in color. No excuses. Check it out!

GO, MIKKO, GO. Tinkercad Co-Founder and Tech Lead Mikko Mononen presented at the first webshaped frontend 2012 conference. Take a look at the video where he speaks about crafting 3D user interface for the web. His bit starts at 00:54.

Have a great weekend!
Tinkercad Team


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