New Features: Ruler and color .STL export

This past weekend most of the team was at the Bay Area Maker Faire (more on that tomorrow), but that didn’t stop the devs in Helsinki from creating cool code. We are happy to announce two highly requested features!

Den ruler

Den color .STL export

RULER. Hmmm….how best to explain what this new feature does? Visually, of course! Click on the image to see a larger view.

COLOR EXPORT. High on our prio list was the ability to export your design’s .STL files in color. What do you know, it’s possible to export in color in time for our Father’s Day contest with our friends at i.materialise!

Tinkercad Team


  1. I used it last night and liked it. However it is not totally intuitive, I had a small learning curve. The one challenge I had was placing the zero datum exactly where I wanted it it. Can the zero datum be moved after it is placed?
    I assume it snaps to the scale chosen? I was working with 0.1mm snap a lot and was having trouble placing the ruler within 0.1mm of where I wanted zero.
    I wasn’t specifically testing the ruler capability, just started using it with work in progress.
    Overall it’s a win.
    Thansk for building this feature and keep up the great work!

  2. @tanju, you can move the origo of the ruler by dragging it from the circle (it turns red when moving is active). Moving the origo snaps to grid just like all moving or resizing the shapes.

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