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    Friday Roundup

    Published on - May 11, 2012 by shinotanaka


    Want your "ahhhhhh cute" for the day? Look no further cos "bunisupial" is in da house. We're not sure if that's mama on the left [Reminder: Mother's Day is coming up!] and her baby being ridden by a bunny, but whatever. They're a 1-2-3 combo of cuteness overload!

    These designs were created by none other than the master mind behind the famous Chompu-Chan, Agustin, who also gives a new meaning to Cat in the Hat. Rumor has it that bad boy (Chompu not Agustin!) will be featured at the Ponoko presentation during next weekend's Bay Area Maker Faire. If you're in town or just around, drop by the Maker Faire on Saturday at 4PM. We'll be at the center stage with Ponoko giving a Tinkercad demo.

    No excuses. You want Bay Area Maker Faire tickets? We've got' em. WIN tickets to the Bay Area Maker Faire by leaving a comment on this post that you want in. We'll be giving away tickets all next week. Besides, you'll get to meet these cool peeps from Tinkercad and kick it at our booth.

    Co-Founder, CEO and Principal Maker, Kai
    Perfectly Poised Product Manager & Clothaholic, Pauliina
    Top-notch Tech Artist & Tinkerer, Pekka
    Insanley [Great] Interaction Designer, Henrik
    Cool & Classy Community Manager, Shino


    PROFILED. Thanks to Perry who shared with us his love of design and innovation in this week's Profiled blog post. Read more about his latest project and what inspires him.

    NEW FEATURE: Notify me! We're rolling out new things all the time thanks to the great feedback from you, our awesome Tinkercad community. Keep them coming because, well, we DO listen! Read about the lastest notification changes hitting an in-box near you!

    ON THE ROAD: Did we already mention we'll be at Maker Faire? If not, let us remind you that we'll be there. Next week will be a busy one for us as we prepare our booth. The team is also flying out to California, so we're sure they'll be some fun photos leading up to the Maker Faire event. The usual blog posts you're used to seeing will most likely be put on hold as we'll have updates about where we are, what we're working on and how we are just so excited to see, meet and greet all of the fab makers at the faire! Make sure you stop by our booth #23!

    Have a great weekend!
    The Tinkercad Team

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