Friday Roundup

We’re going to start this week’s Friday Roundup with a major announcement. Tinkercad is going to have a booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire and we want YOU to be there! Starting today, we’re giving away one-day passes in pairs. Right now, like right this second, we’re doing a giveaway on Twitter with hashtag #tinkercadmaker. A winner will be selected at 4PM PT today.Additional Tinkercad Maker Faire facts: The team designed some pretty slick tees for the event. While they’re going to be on sale (limited quantity), we’ll be giving a few away on Saturday and Sunday. Our booth? It’s gonna be way legit.

Who’s attending from the Tinkercad team?
Co-Founder, CEO and Principal Maker, Kai
Perfectly Poised Product Manager & Clothaholic, Pauliina
Top-notch Tech Artist & Tinkerer, Pekka
Insanley [Great] Interaction Designer, Henrik
Cool & Classy Community Manager, Shino
And, of course, our most awesome Tinkerers! We can’t wait to meet you!

TEDxNYED: If we could send hugs via e-mail, we would. Big thanks to Bre Pettis (MakerBot) — who featured teacher and Tinkerer Dara Ross  — and Jaymes Dec (Marymount School and GreenFab) for sharing Tinkercad during their TEDxNYED talks. As a result, we have met some amazing innovators and #STEM supporters in the education space. Read what they have to say about us, and connect with them:

NCS-Tech, Kevin Jarrett
Free Technology for Teachers, Mr. Byrne
Mind Share Learning

Feel free to link to your educational site by leaving a comment on this post, and don’t forget to watch the vid.

KRAKEN ME UP! Earlier this week, we launched our first user-designed Lesson created by Agustin who won the Torus Quest Design Challenge. Get your Krack on, but be prepared, this one takes some skillz to complete!

Take a look at what other Tinkerers have ended up with. You will not be disappointed!

PROFILED. Thursday say another notable Tinkerer featured in our weekly blog post. Check out what Pedro Ruiz has to say about 3D design and carnivorous plants.

We’re going to end this week with a little fun visual…

Have a great weekend!
The Tinkercad Team

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