Friday Roundup

We raised the roof starting Sunday night by rolling out some whiz-bang features, including a re-designed homepage. We ended the week in true, 3D fashion…

‘Cos that’s how we roll.

NEW FEATURES. Where to begin? Henrik hooked us up this week with several slick designs including a new homepage. Now you can easily learn to design the products of your life, and read our blog while you’re at it. In-between sauna breaks, he also managed to upgrade the Lessons. Lessons. Lessons. Yup. They’re called Lessons now, and teach they will for Jedi you too will become. ANYway…

Mikko was not to be outdone. His contributions were all about the Giz, which we talked about earlier this week. A few more nuggets:

  • Alt-resize resizes around center of selection
  • Alt-moves duplicates the selection
  • Added more legibility of the measures (labels face camera and more lines)
  • Improved the contrast on some handles for better viz against backgrounds
  • Resize and move handles are only shown on the visible side of the shape (peek below to adjust the bottom)
  • Added a measure to prevent abrupt flickering
  • Scaling proportionally shapes which are raised above the workplane work now as if they are on the workplane

Then, Pekka decided he had to get in on all of the pre-Monday release stuff so he made mods to the rotate tool, which you can see here.

Aki was too busy to be bothered since he was heads-down all week working on secret squirrel stuff, or what we call T-1 Level 0 Classified (see below).

However, as is typical Aki fashion, he saved the day a few times when we had some issues with Emily’s Brewster Station. Check out her model in 3D and pay special attention to the interior. Nice work, Emily!

CUTE VIDEO ALERT. The video speaks for itself.

WINNER OF TORUS CHALLENGE. Monday was a big day. Not only did we do all of the above in less than 24-hours, but Agustin won the first user-designed Lesson with his Kraken. Ummmm, one question. Don’t octopus have eight legs? Look for this octotorus Lesson, soon!

PROFILED. MakeALot kicked off week two of our Profiled series. While you may not see him rollin’ with his posse on Broadway anytime soon, you can see some of his fab creations.

The Tinkercad Team


  1. I personally preferred Quests to Lessons. Lessons feel like learning… and limits the scope.

    I loved the ‘help rescue this penguin from the castle’ quest. It was so much more!! Learning but at the same time fun 🙂

    If it was listed as a lesson… man, I wouldn’t have attempted it 😦

    • I 2nd the motion to change the name back to Quests. Which is way more inline with the Jedi reference. Quests are cool, lessons are lame 😉

      • Thanks for the comments Brad and eg =) You’re right. Quests are more Jediesque and Lessons are about learning. But we found that folks didn’t quite understand what quests were. Since we re-named them Lessons…bam! It makes more sense.

        And really? How can you resist a cute lil penguin even if it IS called a Lesson? =)

  2. The 3D letters are great but, I’d really like to be able to type a line of text (3D or not) so I can label things. It’s too tedious to lay out each letter individually. But overall tinkercad is awesome made a post yesterday to the community at Quirky that they should use it.

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