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    Profiled: MakeALot

    Published on - April 26, 2012 by shinotanaka


    Tell us a little about yourself.
    Hi, my name is Mark, aka MakeALot, and I live in a small village in Oxfordshire, England. I'm married to Claire with two children Jasper and Sophie. We have a one year old boxer called Bluebell and two guinea pigs. Our house backs onto fields which often contain cows, horses and even sheep, sometimes; you look into the back garden and appear to have a herd of cows.

    During the day, I’m the CTO of a technology/innovation company. Before that, I started out in Electronics and moved into software where I currently design/develop software and hardware for various devices.

    I love coffee strong and black. I have an espresso machine next to my computer. And I am passionate about technology - meaning gadgets, computers, technical innovation and science.

    How did you get into 3D design?
    I have used POVRay for many years to produce graphics for various projects. I saw the issue of Make magazine with the MakerBot on the front cover, saved up and ordered a Thing-o-Matic in September 2010. It arrived and was constructed in December; and I started designing things for it in January 2011.

    Be honest, be kind, inspire, be generous and try to be gracious.

    How do you think web-based 3D design will change the world?
    Slowly at the moment (in relative terms). I see two challenges: making the design process accessible to people who view the UI [user interaction] as a barrier (sculptors/potters and the like) possibly through hand held devices and moving the process from the computer to the phone/tablet so that people can tinker when the inspiration takes them. I also think that enabling people to scan items/use current models and then manipulate/augment these will simplify the process and make it more accessible – allowing evolution rather than revolution.

    What designers, inventor or the like has influenced or inspired you the most?
    Charles Babbage/Ada Lovelace, Islamabad Kingdom Brunel, Salvador Dali, René Magritte, Clive Sinclair, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Terence Conran, Alan Turing and most other artists, engineers, scientist and technologists I have encountered.

    Words I live by...
    I would like to say: “Don’t do half a job. Be honest, be kind, inspire, be generous and try to be gracious.” But I don’t know that I always live up to my own ideals.

    What design are you most proud of?
    Many things. When I put in a lot of effort into something that turns out well it makes me proud. Then on to the next thing. As an inventor, everything inspires me, all the time, so many things.

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