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    Friday "13th" Roundup

    Published on - April 13, 2012 by shinotanaka

    Here are 13 amazing things we did this week. Really. UHmazing.

    NEW FEATURE. The Cash Cow brought it home for us by demonstrating what you can do with our new torus and tube shapes, which made us think...

    TORUS QUEST DESIGN CHALLENGE. "Hey, we need a new Quest for this!" So we decided to bring the challenge to you, Tinkercad users, to come up with our first user-created Quest. It's all happening on Facebook via Napkin Labs Brainstom App. Enter now. You have T -7d and 13h.

    WORDLESS WEDNESDAY. Kai modeled his new 3D printed necktie while dancing to some Flo Rida. OK, we added that last part.

    CHESS CHALLENGE TRIBUTE. We DID, however, manage to play Stairway to Heaven this week as we compiled all of the chess entries onto a single page. There are over 500 of 'em. Five double-zero.

    MAKERBOT TUTORIAL. The crew over at Pixil created an awesome video tutorial on MakerBot Printing tips. 4:00 is where Tinkercad kicks in. And in their spare time, they also...

    PLANTER MADNESS. Have been creating some dope planters. Who thought planters could posses such tude? Check out their other designs.

    FACEBOOK. Ummm, like us already.

    CAINE'S ARCADE. Our weekly inspiration came from a 9 year old this week. Major props to Nirvan for producing the video and sharing Caine's story with the world.

    [vimeo w=400&h=225]

    Caine's Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

    TWITTER. There were quite the Tweets this week. Group hugs, Texas BBQ and ones from 日本语.

    SWANKY KAONASHI. Tinkerer Agustin -- also a cat-hat enthusiast -- took it to a new level with his #bunsupial collection.

    TINKERER SPOTLIGHT. Next week, we're kicking off a super-duper special series where we highlight some of our bestest Tinkerers. We're trying to think of something clever to call it. Ideas? Wanna nominate someone? Send them to And, we may just give out this cool torus trophy designed by Perry.

    MATERIALISE WORLD CONFERENCE 2012.  Kai and Paulina will be representing Tinkercad at this event. If you're there  be sure to find them and say "hi!" Bringing chocolate helps to break the ice. Especially brownies. The one with the chocolate chunks inside. Warm and melted.

     AND #13. Have a great weekend!

    The Tinkercad Team

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