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    Torus Quest Design Challenge

    Published on - April 12, 2012 by shinotanaka


    We recently introduced the much asked for and highly anticipated torus to our growing list of shapes. And now, we need a Quest for it. But this time, we're not going to be the ones to create it, YOU are. That's right. Now is your chance to be the first Tinkerer to design one of our Quests. Not only do you get the opportunity to do something really cool, but you will go down in 3D design history! Well, at least Tinkercad's history.

    The Torus Quest Design Challenge is taking place on our Facebook page and the winner will be selected from amongst the top five most popular designs. How do you become most popular? That's the beauty of this challenge. You get to design AND vote for your most fave entry. Plus, you can share the designs you really love (ahem, like the ones you create) with your family, dog walker, BFFs or night store clerk so they vote for 'em (no need to enter the challenge to cast a vote). Yup. We are asking you -- our most awesomest of fans -- to select the top torus design.

    But -- and there's always one -- keep in mind that Quests are a teaching tool. While you may want to design the next Arc de Triomphe, we're looking for a Quest that enables others to learn how to use the shape and continues to improve their design skillz. Translation: peeps have to be able to do it, and without an engineering degree. Take a look at the Quests we've already designed as a reference.

    From now until FRIDAY, APRIL the 20th at 11:59 p.m. EST create a design on Tinkercad using the TORUS shape. Designs vary from fun to practical to uber-cool.

    Rules of the road:
    1. No more than five (5) entries per person
    2. Take a screenshot of your design on Tinkercad and upload it to your entry.
    3. Remember to tag it with #torusquest AND follow the tag.
    4. Add the URL to your design's description.
    5. Design must be your own creation.
    6. Lucky WINNER will be announced on Facebook MONDAY, APRIL 23rd at 10 a.m. PT.

    And what of the winning design? The lucky winner will be selected from the Top Five most popular designs voted on by YOU -- adoring fans! Tinkercad will then work with the winner to turn their design into a real, LIVE Quest! You can be the first Tinkerer ever to have designed a user-created Quest. We will smother you with cheers and hugs (virtual ones) and sing your praises near and far! Or, we'll just call your mom and tell her how great we think you are.

    The clock starts now.

    Tags: Inspiration