New Features: Torus, tubes and more…oh moo!

The team kicked off the post-holiday weekend in a big way! Features you have been asking for are now live. Here’s a look at what we rolled out.

  1. What does the cash cow say? Torus and tubes, of course. We thank Pekka, Tinkercad’s Tech Artist, for bringing us these beautiful (and highly desirable) shapes. May we present to you Cash Cow, originally Tinkered by Tim Kauer, modeling torus and tubes. Who knew this combo could be so…moootastic?!
  2. Oh snap, we added 0.1 to the grid courtesy of Mikko’smad skillz.

  3. Come get your comment notifications! We’ve made it easier for you to continue a discussion with another Tinkerer once you’ve left a comment on their Thing. You will receive a notification in your site inbox similar to when someone leaves a comment on your Thing. Thanks for pushing our this new feature, J-P!

As always, we welcome your feedback!
The Tinkercad Team


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