New Features: Photo upload and improved social sharing

Between the #chess competition with MakerBot and the various new Things we’ve been working on this week it has been busy! But the results are in. We are pleased to introduce…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


Is that lovely or is that lovely? You can now upload images to your Things. Here’s how it works.

  • Go to one of your Things and you’ll notice a new layout to view in 3D, your Thing and a link to “+ Add Photo.” Additionally, we’ve made the ability to share to Thingiverse much easier, as well as bumped up links to Like, Tweet and Pinit.

  • Once you’ve clicked on the “+ Add Photo” button, you’ll see:

  • Choose your file then hit “Upload.” Voila!

We believe photo uploading allows other Tinkerers to see the end result of their hard work. For those with access to a 3D printer, you know there’s nothing like seeing the real Thing up close and personal! And for us at Tinkercad, we have even more reason to print out Things since we can now upload the photos and share them with all of you.

As always, we welcome your feedback!
The Tinkercad Team

Note: The above Things was created by Tinkerer Frederic, which you can see here and Tinker for yourself.


  1. […] NEW FEATURE: PHOTO UPLOAD. A new feature released this week included the ability to upload a photo to your Thing. Take a look at an example of upload by Tinkerer MakeALot and the “Striped 73 Knot.” For more detailed instructions on how it works read on. […]

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