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    Get inspired by the Ponoko-Tinkercad contest entries

    Published on - March 13, 2012 by shinotanaka


    Thanks to everyone who participated in the Ponoko-Tinkercad contest!

    The winner of the contest is Rob with his cool Temple of Boom. Rob's design fires to build a whole Ancient Egyptian world!

    Get some inspiration from the other entries...

    Use Melissa's triple question mark pendant as a starting point and customize it to suite your style.

    Learn how to make round edges from Paul's model or start a new car project with Glen's hub-cap.

    Get inspired by Chris's and Simone's futuristic shuttles and create your own spaceship.

    Make your Wild wild west play real with sheriff badges and reward the champion with a Winner’s trophy. Both things are designed by Fabricatis.

    Happy tinkering and stay tuned for more competitions!

    Tags: Inspiration