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    Published on - March 5, 2012 by shinotanaka


    We want you to be able to start designing and enjoying the Tinkercad as quickly and as easily as possible. Thanks to the latest updates, you're now able to see all the Things, enjoy the whole community and start designing immediately. Without even logging in!

    If you're new to Tinkercad, start with the "Start here" button. This will open the editor with a helpful guide that'll get you up to speed with 3D design. You'll be amazed how quickly your first Thing is ready. You can then continue to new quests, create completely new designs and share your work with friends.

    The design tools are always available to you, even when you're not signed in. To access your work later and to make most out of Tinkercad, it's a smart move to create an account.

    When you sign in to your account, all your unsaved works are automatically saved to your account. So you can start testing out ideas the second you open Tinkercad. And after your creative itch has been scratched, you can sign in to save your work.

    ...oh and one more thing

    If you're a friend of social media sites, you can sign in to Tinkercad using your Facebook or Twitter credentials and fully enjoy the service whenever you're logged in to your social media.

    To use Facebook login, simply click the "connect with Facebook" button. If you're email is the same in both Tinkercad and Facebook, you'll be automatically signed in to your Tinkercad account, when you're signed in to Facebook.

    Twitter fans can use the "Sign in with Twitter" button. However, a new account will be created for you the first time you use this feature.

    These features are here to get you faster to your Things. We respect your privacy and reputation, and will not automatically post any messages to your stream or wall. You're able to disconnect from Facebook and Twitter login any time at your profile settings.

    Keep on rocking at Tinkercad.

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