Tinkercad integrates with Sculpteo

Starting from today, we’ve added Sculpteo to our single click 3D printing services. The French company widens our selection of 3D printing services and gives you even more possibilities to have your ideas made into physical things. “Sculpteo has been doing a great work with expanding the reach of 3D printing and we are happy to add their printing service to the lineup offered by Tinkercad”, says Tinkercad CEO Kai Backman.

“Tinkercad and Sculpteo share the same will to make 3D printing accessible to all”, continues Sculpteo’s co-founder and CEO Clément Morceau. “We are happy to provide a successful 3D printing experience to Tinkercad users through our free tools and our service.”

To print your models with Sculpteo, click the “Print 3D” button on the Thing page and select the service. Happy 3D printing!

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