Write in 3D!

Now here’s something big you’ve been asking for: add letters and write in your design.

Check out this video to get started:

Make your design personal. Tag your things and create designs with your beloved ones’ names. Maybe create a nameplate to your office door.

Here are some examples to inspire you:

What thing will have your name on it?


  1. Thanks for showing me the "hole color", it was not easy to find 🙂 !Ii is not in a good place, not very intuitive to mix a action with color picker IMHOI love thinkercad, let me design and print very fast, learning curve almost ZERO !Keep the great work.soehler at truesys dot com

  2. Thanks for your feedback Soehler. We're working on making hole punching even easier. Until we're there, we thought this little nugget of info would help 🙂 Glad to see it working.Hope you enjoy the 3D text!

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