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    New office, new people, new speed

    Published on - November 25, 2011 by pauliinam


    There’s been bunch of new things going on at Tinkercad in the past few weeks. First, we announced $1M seed funding from True Ventures and angel investors.

    Second, we moved to our new premises in the heart of Helsinki, in the midst of a lot of fancy business people. As our team has grown we desperately needed more space. We have endured a few IKEA assembly parties and things are starting to find their home. We will fondly remember our early days at the cosy nest in Vallila.

    As for the new people, we warmly welcome Henrik (@HenrikRydberg), our interaction designer who started few weeks ago and will enforce our R&D. His thoughts below show what kind of guy he is:

    “ ‘And now for something completely different.’ Monty Python nailed it. That’s exactly how I felt when I was pulled into Tinkercad.” Henrik describes his initial feelings.

    After graduating from design school, Henrik has been designing digital services and user experiences, running a design consultancy and leading a software development unit. “As exiting as it was, the end product was always one push of a button away from evaporation. Nothing I could hold in my hand, feel the weight of, turn around and marvel at the light reflecting from it’s surface.”

    The concrete end result is one of the strongest drivers for working with our service: “Tinkercad let’s not only me, but you and you and you, hold your creation in your palm and shout: ‘Hey look. I made this!’ This is something completely different. When you stop to think what this actually means to our global society, it keeps getting mindbogglingly cooler by the minute.”

    At Tinkercad Henrik concentrates on designing a seamless flow of use and delivering that wow feeling. “People –or should I say engineers– around me throw words like tessellation, manifolds, shaders and paxos. Mumbo jumbo I say! My job here is to hide all that technical nonsense and let you enjoy finding and creating things that actually come out from the computer to your world.”

    “The proud feeling you get when your friends are marveling at your design, that’s when my job is done.”

    In addition to Henrik, J-P (@mdry) joined our team two weeks ago. J-P is our social media wizard and has lots to say on how human interaction and sharing will become the heart of Tinkercad.

    “When I joined Tinkercad I didn't really know much about 3D printing, but it seemed very exciting. However, it was also clear that there was no way to communicate with other makers within the service.” As a guy who previously was building a large social networking site, this attracted J-P. "We get to build it from scratch!” J-P loved the idea and all the fresh problems to work on.

    "The concept of being able to create my own designs at the comfort of my home was sold to me pretty fast. That is really fascinating. I continuously find myself thinking: ‘This is really amazing - the world is going to change’.”

    Hanna, our office-goddess joined the team on Monday. Her work is to organize our creative chaos and make sure everything works at the office.

    “I’m very excited about working at Tinkercad. It’s been only few days and it already feels like an interesting, demanding and most of all fun work environment. My job is to keep the engine running smoothly, so my colleagues are able to do their awesome work. I take my title as office-goddess very seriously. Hopefully I can live up to the standards expected from me."

    Finally, let us introduce our latest team member: the enthusiastic barista Kai and his coffee maker. “As I don’t drink coffee, I don’t know how to make it... Or sure I can make it, but you might not want to drink it. With this machine, you only need to press one button to make the magic happen. That’s where my skills shine.”

    As you can see in the picture, we still need proper espresso mugs. We played a bit with Tinkercad and this is what came out: Tinkercad mug. Actually, this is challenge for all of you Makers. Design your own espresso mug and share it with us on Twitter!

    Stay tuned for more updates soon. :)

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