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    Emergency Maintenance

    Published on - November 18, 2011 by pauliinam

    Tinkercad is up again. The downtime lasted for a total of 1h and 45 min.

    We are still investigating the core cause but our analysis indicates the system is currently stable. The sympton was one of our critical server running out of memory, the downtime was moving this particular server to new hardware. We suspect that one of our subsystems has memory allocation patterns that causes undue memory fragmentation. Tracking down the actual cause and rectifying it might take several more days, but as the situation is now there is enough headroom on the server to handle the excess fragmentation.

    2011-11-18 11:39 UTC

    Our new estimate for site recovery is about 1h or before 13:00 UTC.

    2011-11-18 10:30 UTC

    Tinkercad is down for emergency maintenance. We estimate the maintenance will take 3h max. Please contact if you have questions.

    Next update is at roughly 11:30 UTC

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