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    Print your models straight from Tinkercad

    Published on - August 12, 2011 by pauliinam

    Tips & Tricks, Features

    We have just launched our one-click integration with i.materialise, a popular 3D printing service. You can now easily print any Tinkercad model by clicking on the "Print 3D" button in the upper right corner of the editor. When you choose to print your model, you will be taken to the i.materialise Print Lab where you can define printing options such as material and color. After a couple of steps you can place your order and in a few days your creation will appear at your doorstep.

    We will add one-click support for other printing services soon. In the meantime you can also download your model as an STL file and upload it to your favorite printing service.

    If you have any questions concerning our printing features, please give us feedback.

    Have fun making stuff!

    PS. Check out this basic button to try 3D printing in Tinkercad. Just click on "Print 3D" to get started or "Copy and Edit" to customize the model!