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    First Strandbeest Prototype

    Published on - May 9, 2011 by mikkomononen


    Here's my very first prototype of a Strandbeest leg system in action!

    When I started to sketch the leg system in Tinkercad I soon noticed that a lot of the pieces had to be connected on top of each other a bit like a sandwich. Instead of trying to solve the whole problem, I built myself a little construction set so I could try different ways to build the leg.

    The construction set includes the most important leg pieces and a set of spacers which allows me to try different choices to assemble the leg together.

    The assembly ended up quite thick. I used a lot of spacers to make room for the bolt caps to move. I should be able to reduce a lot of complex from the setup by using tapered bolts instead.

    Here's the Tinkercad files: SB1, SB2, SB3. I had to split up the pieces to multiple sheets so that they would fit into the Thing-O-Matic print area. Combining multiple projects into one print file is quite cumbersome in Tinkercad. It feels like problem worth fixing.

    Tags: Inspiration