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    Trash Bin Holder

    Published on - April 12, 2011 by mikkomononen


    Sometimes the best designs are polished ad hoc duct-tape solutions.

    The side effects of a filament based 3D printer are a lot if tiny bits and strings of plastic. At some point trash started to clutter up our workbench, so we taped a plastic bag in front of our printer so you could quickly swipe away the leftovers.

    I visited an Ikea during the weekend and found this nice little plastic container which would be a perfect solution to improve our litter condition. The only problem remaining was how to attach it.

    I could simply have used a pair of screws to attach the bin to the side of the table, but that did not feel like durable solution. I wanted the attachment to be firm, so if you accidentally nudged the trash bin, it would not detach.

    After a few measurements, I had a simple holder designed in Tinkercad. The holder I made fits firmly to the rim of the trash bin and it levels the top of the bin with the table. Having the top level makes it easy to swipe the strips and bits into the bin.

    We recently added a viewer to Tinkercad which allows you to share projects with friends. You can view and copy the Ikea trashbin holder here.

    Tags: Inspiration