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    A Dog Food Project

    Published on - April 5, 2011 by mikkomononen


    I have a background in the games industry, both as an indie developer and as part of a huge AAA team. One thing that game dev teams do naturally is to play their own game. You spot the flaws of the design early, and find relevant ways to solve things that hinder usability. We eat our own dog food here at Tinkercad too.

    One way to improve the effectiveness of canine culinary is to try to do something impossible. When you try to solve a really hard problem, you don't want the software to be in your way. Instead you want to keep yourself in the flow.

    I love robots, but I have never made one. So I thought building one would be a perfect long term project for me. I intend to design it in Tinkercad and print it out using our Thing-o-Matic.

    I definitely wanted to build a robot with legs. I looked into various options. After drooling over all those hexapod designs, I finally settled on a design inspired by Theo Jansen's strandbeest.

    The design is complicated enough that it is not immediately obvious how to build it from scratch, but it does not require too complicated parts or software to make it work. And it looks really cool in motion! Here's a video of similar design made out of legos in action.

    My next step is to explore the leg mechanism and to design and print a set of pieces which allow me to prototype the leg movement. More about that in my next post.

    Tags: Inspiration