Easter Bunnies and a Giveaway

“Hip, a hop, the hippie, the hippie to the hip hip hop, you don’t stop” till the Easter Bunny drops. Well, we’re not sure what this year’s bunny will drop (hopefully chocolate), but we do know there are plenty of ways to celebrate the upcoming holiday!

Our amazing community of Tinkerers are well on their way to creating the perfect addition to any Easter basket. Those LOLcats have nothing on Steve Cooley’s cute bunny or M. Sei’s belly-exposed bunny (shown center of basket above) whose tum-tum is just begging for a rub!

Tinkercad’s Technical Artist eggtrodinaire, Pekka, has also been busy making this Easter especially special. Not only did he grow that grass you see pictured in the photo above, but he mowed it, too! His designs include five Easter Quests ranging from a wearable bunny ring to a napkin ring.

Now, you may be trying to mentally put all the pieces together, so let us help you with the visuals. Sure you can bust out with the swanky silver and spend hours polishing it for Easter brunch. OR, you can imagine a new way of setting the table this year with 3D designs from the fabulous Tinkercad community.

Eat your heart out Martha! We’re giving a whole new meaning to Easter Sunday (French farm table and all!) with unique, practical and fun DIY 3D designs that can be printed via your own 3D printer or other service.

To help you get started, we’re hosting a giveaway of a few cute bunny printouts thanks to Steve’s design. These cute lil ones are a welcome addition to a bunny basket or fun table topper. To enter this giveaway:

Follow us on Twitter.

Like us (although we prefer you to LOVE us!) on Facebook.

Leave a comment here if you’ve done both! One comment per for bonus points.

Lavish lots of attention on da bunny by reposting and sharing this with the Universe, or on your blog AND the Universe.

Randomly selected winners chosen on Tuesday, April 3rd at 12 PM Pacific Time.

Cute bunny shipped to randomly selected winners ASAP!

If you still need more convincing, you can check out additional photos on our 3D Easter Inspiration board on Pinterest.

The Tinker Team


    1. @Tom, you are on it! Love your excitement!

  1. newhobbyist · · Reply

    Those right there are some pretty terrific bunnies.

    1. @newhobbyist, we sure think so! Glad to see you agree =)

  2. Hello.

    1. @Glen, howdy!

  3. Ohhh, me, me! Great idea!

    1. @Diana! Thank you! And appreciate the RT =)

  4. Nice way to spread the joy guys!

    1. Appreciate the support, Fabricātis =) Always trying to figure out how to have fun AND educate folks on the value and beauty of 3D design + printing! Bunnies are hard to resist!

  5. […] week, we kicked off the hip-hop spirit with our Easter Bunnies and a Giveaway post. It would a good idea to check it out even if “bunny” and “cuteness” […]

  6. And the random.org selected winner is: Diana L. (@desundial) — hip hop hooray!

  7. […] BUNNY GIVEAWAY. We had a bit of fun with an Easter Giveaway last week. The winner of bunny cuteness was @desundial who stopped by the Tinkercad Helsinki […]

  8. […] BUNNY GIVEAWAY. We had a bit of fun with an Easter Giveaway last week. The winner of bunny cuteness was @desundial who stopped by the Tinkercad Helsinki […]

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