Thanks everyone who made Cuppies for the Cupcakes and Critters Challenge!  The Cupcakes and Critters crew have spoken and they have some faves. Not only did they have high praises, but they’ve given us some of the cutest little prizes we’ve seen in a while to give to their top 3 picks!  So, Andrew D Kiwi, Dragon […]


March is Women’s History Month! Over the course of the last year in working with the Tinkercad team, I have been exposed to amazing women in the field of design, making and tinkering. Seeing women drive innovation is something I get to witness everyday at our Pier 9 offices in San Francisco, but being able to explain […]

Tinkerplay Screenshots

Today we are excited to announce a new addition to the Tinkercad family, Tinkerplay. Tinkerplay allows anyone to design and customize their own characters and creatures using a library of modifiable parts and then 3D print the parts to play. The magic of Tinkerplay is that it is intuitive enough for a 4 year old […]


Given we are having a monthly challenge with Cupcakes and Critters, why not have a Wordless Wednesday too. Our favorite cupcake Cuppy stopped by Pier 9 worked on his own design.


Community Challenge: Create a Cuppy! Team Tinkercad is excited to announce a new Community Challenge for March! If you are a fan of gaming, cupcakes or critters, then keep reading!  We are working with the awesome team behind  the Cupcakes and Critters game and want all you Tinkerers to try creating your own Cuppy! Who’s […]

penguin dating game tinkercad valentines day

Hey Tinkerers! Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and we were talking about what Peter’s significant other might look like.  Some of us are of a generation that looked to Chuck Woolery to help those poor souls find a perfect mate on The Love Connection and later on The Dating Game, so voila… introducing The […]


Happy 2015 Team Tinkercad! We have been working on a few improvements that we wanted to share. They will be rolled out over the course of the next few days. So sit back, relax and enjoy. On January 22nd from 9:00pm to 11:30pm (PST), we will be taking Tinkercad offline. When the site comes back […]


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