Tinkercad, 3d design, education, project

What a week! The first ever TinkerTour of the NorthEast has officially ended and boy my dogs are barking.  Every workshop we held was filled to capacity of curious Tinkerers – veterans and newbies – and I can’t say enough great things about our friends at danger!awesome, Digital Harbor and 3D Hubs (though here’s an attempt). Saturday and […]

Months ago I started to build up a figure representing the great Mecha franchise of Japan, Mobile Suit Gundam.  After  6 days of laying off Tinkercad due to funeral attendance in the Philly area, I came out swinging and have jumped back into the Gundam Sentinel project with both feet.  When it’s finished, it should […]

Tinkercad, 3d design, education, project

So far, so good.  After 3 trains and as many cities, our TinkerTour events have been fantastic! danger!awesome in Boston (Cambridge) had a great turnout with a range of new users wanting to 3D print their own succulent planter or just learn more about Tinkercad.  Their making space is actually just around the corner from their retail storefront, […]


Name: Caitlin Le Tinkercad User Name: Caitlin Le How Did You Find Out About Tinkercad?: When I first got a 3D printer, I searched for a free and easy-to-use CAD design program. I read many online articles about it and Tinkercad was considered the easiest one out there. I then found out that it was an online program […]


With wearable tech and biometrics becoming more prevalent, there are some pretty interesting devices on the market.  Lumo Body Tech‘s Lift device has a purpose that stands out – it tracks posture, as well as steps and calories.  After wearing one for a week, I was pretty surprised at my consistent slouching and have become waay more […]


We kinda can’t stop making these things. I have a succulent plant that has taken over some of my larger pots at home, so I’ve been taking clippings and experimenting with new pot designs.  They also make good little projects to practice in Tinkercad, so we’re putting on a workshop in Boston on the #TinkerTour. […]