I love the comments section of designs. seeing positive encouragement and active participation is fantastic. I also notice that the same questions keep popping up. Here is my attempt at answering the most common questions I get asked. Where can I find ideas of what to draw? How can I stop people stealing? How do I get […]




This weekend, we hit a milestone that seemed unreachable when Tinkercad first started – one million registered users! With over 2,000 new registrations a day, it was inevitable; but personally, it’s so exciting to watch the community (as well as the Tinkercad team) to grow over the last couple of years.  Even with the migration […]


I have worked in the Bay Area for most of my professional career. I have seen the burst of the first tech bubble, the return of making and the innovative approach of entrepreneurs. I love the kinetic energy that comes from the people in Silicon Valley. They amaze me, they inspire me and they motivate me […]


Hi Tinkercad Community, It’s Sarah again, coming to you from South Africa. I know that we are awaiting the announcement of our 1Million registered Tinkercad user but I wanted to share the power that Tinkercad had over the children of Kayamandi Township in South Africa today. If you have been following my journey over the […]

Example only.  You guys can do way better.

Hi Everyone, We just realized that if we keep the pace, we’ll have our ONE MILLIONTH user sign up in the next week!! We’ve seen some great trophies lately and wanted to challenge you to create a 1M User award for the lucky new Tinkerer.  Try your hand at it and if our team picks […]