piece of mind_cover

You guys are so rad. June’s album cover community challenge was completely awesome.  We were so tickled to see what you guys submitted!  Out of the many great ones (there are over 100 submissions at the time of this post), some really stuck out to us and have thus become our favorites. We decided to take […]


Hey New York, we’re coming to you! Grab your ticket for Saturday, July 11 and get a $15 3D print voucher to use with your local hub.  (Update: the early bird tix are sold out!) We’ll be going through the basics of Tinkercad, as well as exploring some cool boolean tricks to make a succulent planter. […]

Goldfish Ghost

Andy, our Tinkercad Community Manager, is pretty great. He made this Instructable that we wanted to share with you. Let’s see what variations on Goldfish Ghost you can make! He knew about this stuff that cured completely clear and thought it’d be cool to experiment with suspending 3D prints.  This project came from another idea […]

persistent log in

Hey Everyone, You may have noticed a change in the sign in since last week – we’ve instituted a persistent log in so you don’t have to enter your credentials every time. This came directly from your feedback, so keep it coming as we continue #FixingTinkercad!


Our latest Wordless Wednesday featuring the Stacked Lamp had a lot of you asking us, “How did you make that?” So we went directly to the source – Mike, one of our friends over at Instructables. Here is how he got started but check out the Instructable for full details. It’s a perfect way to […]


Grab your coffee TinkerStars and get ready for some summer homework. Responding to the President’s call to action to create a Nation of Makers, and as part of a White House event kicking off the National Week of Making, we announced Project Ignite, an open learning platform that builds the skill and confidence of young learners […]


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