Hey TinkerFolk! It’s been too long since I actually sat down to blog! I just want to talk about my latest project for a little bit.  I wish my main laptop hadn’t thrown snake eyes, because I had so many pictures of my Tinkercad designs on it,not mention all of my downloaded STL s.  I’m […]


We’re so stoked that 99.9% of  the Tinkercad user base create superb designs and models, share their work freely and cheer other users on to push the limits of the software.  However, within any burgeoning and awesome community, nastiness will occasionally surface.  It can take the form of abusive comments, inappropriate models or even spamming.  The first […]

  Let’s see em – show us your Thanksgiving models and tag them #thanksgiving in the gallery!  We may be so thankful that we’ll send you a shirt. Bonus points for projects that get finished..!  

3d printed turkey decoration

Yes, a 3D-printed 2D thing. BUT – that means that just about any image can be extruded and given depth! I got a request for a Turkey pie-topper and accepted the challenge with an Instructable. Tinkercad has a couple of options to do this – SVG Import and Image Generator. For this decorative stake, I […]




After last night’s update, you may have noticed some new parts in the Tinkerplay section of the editor.  In the spirit of Halloween next week, we’ve made the Skeleton character available directly in Tinkercad! On the right side of the editor, just click the Tinkerplay dropdown and you’ll see them.   They have the same […]

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What a week! The first ever TinkerTour of the NorthEast has officially ended and boy my dogs are barking.  Every workshop we held was filled to capacity of curious Tinkerers – veterans and newbies – and I can’t say enough great things about our friends at danger!awesome, Digital Harbor and 3D Hubs (though here’s an attempt). Saturday and […]