We have seen our Tinkercad community grow tremendously over the last several months. This growth has delighted us as the Tinkercad brand, product and community are extremely important to Autodesk. I recognize and apologize for the frustrations many of you have had recently, with performance, site stability and account migration. We’ve been working hard to […]


Normally at the Tinkercad blog, Wednesdays are wordless. Today we are bending that rule a little bit, in order to showcase one of users projects – Ground Drone Project. It’s great they used Tinkercad in the design process but even better that they are using kickstarter to take their designs to everyone. Good luck on achieving […]


It’s about time that we took a few minutes to explain to all our users what exactly has been happening with Tinkercad over the past few weeks. We appreciate your patience with us during these changes. So take a quick read on some of the highlights. Our goal is to let you know the ‘why’ behind […]

  Here’s a walkthrough of the Tinkercad -> 123D migration for those of you who are still having trouble!  This has worked for most people, but if your models are still missing, give this a shot. We’ve also gotten reports of Safari and IE giving people the most trouble.  We’re aware of that and are […]

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First of all, thank you everyone for your patience the last couple of days while we migrate to the 123D log in!  We’ve pushed a fix that has corrected the main issues you were all facing yesterday: 1. STL Uploads in the editor are timing out. 2. Some users were locked out of their account. STL Uploads in […]


Hi Everyone, What a morning!  By now you have probably seen the migration pop-up on the log in for Tinkercad.  Most of you have successfully connected your Tinkercad account to your Autodesk 123D account, and are Tinkering away. BUT, if you entered your Autodesk ID and your existing Tinkercad designs are gone, it’s because you’re looking […]

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UPDATE: You MUST follow the instructions below, DO NOT enter your log-in first.  See a more recent post for more info after this. You may have noticed a little change in the Tinkercad log-in process after our update last night – we’re now using Autodesk 123D accounts..!  Don’t worry, the migration is easy and it’s […]


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