Star Wars is a pretty consistent theme in Tinkercad, so I thought we’d share some of the most outstanding here.  Have a look at the gallery for even more.

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As we ramp up to this year’s Bay Area Maker Faire, we’ve  noticed a lot of Mecha (giant robot) things going on in Tinkerland and beyond.  Krasherox is working on some great models, I’m putting some into a Minecraft world and there’s plans for some real Mechs to be demonstrated at Maker Faire. So we decided […]


For any local Tinkercad educators in the Southern California area, we will be taking part in the edSurge Educator Summit in Los Angeles. Attendees will: Get hands-on with products in a place where your voice is heard Try out the latest innovations for supporting teaching Give your feedback so companies know how to tune their […]


Brought to you today from Mrs. Steiner’s 4th grade class in Riverton, Utah


I am privileged to be part of a volunteer organization called OMG Tech. Our mission is to bring Tech to 7-12 year old kids who have not had exposure to Programming, CAD, 3D Printing, Robotics or even taking electronic stuff apart to see what is inside it. These are the STEM skills we need for our […]


We know that many of you are using Tinkercad in the classroom. Over the past year we have received quite a few questions about how does Tinkercad align with Common Core standards? Today we pulled together a few ways to bring 3D design, 3D modeling or 3D printing to support the Math standards. These are […]

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If I were to have a blog column it would have to be called, “Word from Out in Left Field.” Unlike most Tinkercad users I am not very tech savvy, and when I tinker, I do so from the heart, not from the neck up… I barely know how to use any of the tools. […]


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